Monolight for the past year has been a conglomeration of interests and a bit of community speculation. Upon first arriving to the Hudson Valley, we noticed the disparate creative communities struggling to connect. With each small town ~30 minutes away from the next, we were distanced from a collective whole by minutes, miles, and most often bad weather. We created Monolight to serve as the nexus of creativity in the home. After a year of surveying the landscape, we have decided to officially restructure Monolight with a singular purpose: creating space for community creatives to expand their vision, their practice, and their reach.

Our mission is to engender inspiration through community, creation, and catharsis.

We want this space to work for and with our local community, but to be diverse enough to include programming worthy of tourists and those visiting. The primary public benefit is to provide a space where we can come together to interact, exchange ideas, and work on our creative process and ideas. Spaces like these are slowly disappearing from the public arena. Monolight hopes to serve the community as an alternative to bars and cafes. Our product is inspiration, by providing events and classes to engage, interact, and connect.

To be clear, Monolight will retain its retail concept, while creating more opportunity for Hudson Valley artists.

Please read on about what is happening with Monolight.


Support Options

Tax-Deductible Donations toward the Monolight transformation, community support, and arts programming.

Monolight membership for monthly inspiration, creative support, and access to events and the space.