Longer Days Exchange

Calling All Creatives!

Ever thought about making a zine? Made a zine and want to make another?

Monolight is working with local artist Katie Ford (You may also know her as Gleamer) to put to paper the expanding minds of our community. We have designed a zine exchange and think YOU would be the perfect person to participate.

We are calling it the Longer Days Exchange. The concept is simple: Create a zine, make 11 copies, send to Monolight, then receive 10 zines from other artists. The 11th copy will seed Monolight’s new community zine library!

We are looking for a diverse set of work. Are you usually an illustrator, but want to do a photo collage? Awesome! Do you know something about activism? Herbalism? Baking lasagna? Great! Never made a zine before? It doesn’t matter!*



  • All finished zines must be 5.5”x8.5” or smaller (Here’s a hint: this is 8.5”x11” folded in half.)
  • Mail or deliver 11 copies of you zine + $5** to Monolight: 5 E Market St, Red Hook, NY 12571
  • Zines MUST be received by August 1
  • We are hosting a Longer Days Exchange party at Monolight on August 9. More details to come. You can pick up your package at this event, or if you are unable to attend, we will ship to you!

*What even is a zine?? It’s a self-published book or magazine, usually made fairly cheaply and in small quantities. We like them because they’re a medium for all voices, easy to make and trade, facilitating experimentation and connection. If you need some guidance, the internet has so. many. good. resources.

**$5 will help us put together the finished portfolios and cover return shipping.

You’re doing interesting work, and we think you’d make a rad contribution. We are going to cap our participants at 30, so please let us know if you would like to take part!

All participants will need to sign up and share more details here by July 15.


Join us July 18th at 7pm to make our zines together! This event is open to the public. 

Katie Ford and Monolight will be here to provide you with a wide variety of what is possible in the zine format with inspiration from example, surplus materials, a scanner and printer, and a community to help guide your work.

$10 to attend ~ plus email us if you have any questions!


Monolight exists as a nexus for creative expression and community gatherings in the Hudson Valley. Located in the small town of Red Hook, NY, we believe in creating a space for you to exist as your most authentic self. Part vintage, part plants, part gallery, Monolight explores a contemporary vision of space. Our aim is to engender inspiration through community, creation, and catharsis.

Katie Ford is a Catskill-based artist who uses paper and fabric and to think about relationship, color, and landscape. Sometimes she sews textiles for your body and calls herself Gleamer. She made her first zines in high school with her two best friends and has been collecting since then.